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State Theater - Episode 13


We were on set of Adventures With Julien Episode 13 at The State Theater Center For The Arts In Easton Pennsylvania. I have to say this was one of the most moving interviews we’ve had on an episode yet. I had the opportunity to interview the CEO and President of the State Theater, Shelley Brown. She is the creator and executive producer of the the Freddy Awards, a high school musical theater award show held every year at The State Theater. We discussed the importance of the arts in the community and the impact the State Theatre has made on the lives of individuals. Tune into this powerful and touching episode. 🎟🎭.


Special thank you to our awesome videographer Stefan Fulton who captured and edited this beautiful episode. 

Filmed & Edited by @fcmediagroup @fcmg_stay


@statetheatrepa @thefreddyawards

Lehigh Valley Zoo - Episode 12


We were on set of Adventures with Julien Episode 12 at the Lehigh Valley Zoo 🦒🐖🦢🦜🦔🐫🦝🦓🦘🐐🐊🐪 


I had the opportunity to interview the Chief Operating Officer Matt Provence on how the Lehigh Valley Zoo is making a positive impact on families and the community. I also got to learn some cool/interesting facts from Full-time Zoo Keeper, Kayla and Education Ambassador Animal Coordinator, Hannah


Special thank you to videographers 🎥 Jackie (@i.d0nt.understand ) and 🎥 Stay (@fcmg_stay ) who were super fun and professional to work with. They captured the action, interview, and of course the cool animals.


Thank y’all for your continued support of @adventureswithjulien ❤️


Episode 12 was a blast ☀️


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Filmed & Edited by⬇️

🎥💻 Jackie (@i.d0nt.understand )

🎥💻 Stay (@fcmg_stay ) 

Iron Pigs - Episode 11


Episode 11 was an All Access Tour of the Coca Cola Park. I had the privilege of interviewing Community Relations Manager - Maddison who gave us an awesome tour. The game was July 27th at 6:30pm and the theme was Harry Potter Night. This was an amazing experience! The atmosphere was incredible. The energy was unmatchable. The fireworks were magical. Big thank you to videographer/friend and fellow DSU Bulldog Jenn for capturing this incredible opportunity. Lastly thank you to friend Justin for connecting us.


⚾️@lhvironpigs .

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📺@adventureswithjulien .

Skyzone - Episode 10


Adventures With Julien Episode 10 was incredible. We interviewed the Operations Manager Henry at Skyzone Bethlehem. Jumped a bit and learned about the positive impact Skyzone Bethlehem is Leaving on the community. 


A Big Thank you to


🎥 @latino_pacino20 

💻 @jmetz_media 




Hope Day - Episode 9


We were back in New York , this time Brownsville Brooklyn highlighting the Annual Event, Hope day! ❤️ @hopedaynetwork @adventureswithjulien .


Hope Day Network is a non-profit organization recognizing that many communities in the New York/New Jersey Metro area have great needs and are faced with great challenges.


Hope Day is a faith based community outreach event where guests receive free groceries, medical and dental screenings, community & job services, hot lunches, family portraits, dental exams, eye exams, live entertainment, games and activities for children, and much more. 


Filmed and Edited by 🎥 Kyle Ramen - @_atmblack_ 

Liven Up - Episode 8


Wow!!! What an incredible and inspiring day. I had the opportunity to get in a great work out, interview our awesome Marketing Manager Elyse, and bust out a couple of dance moves for Adventures with Julien Episode 8 at Liven Up. A big thank you to the coaches for the work out, Elyse for the interview, and Spencer for capturing/filming all the action @livenupfitness . ⭐️


💪🏽😊💯❤️ .

Show - @adventureswithjulien 

Interview - @elyse.lifts.things 

Film - @spencersevero 

Edit - @jmetz_media

The Story Behind The Series


We Filmed Adventures With Julien Episode 8, 9, and 10, but before they drop, I want to explain the story behind the series. Heres my brand new documentary breaking down everything about AWJ. Special thank you to Alex Lingle for collaborating and creating with me. @adventureswithjulien .✨


🎥💻Film & Editing - Alex Lingle - @linglecreative 

Mores Episodes Below

Zumba - Episode 7


My first Zumba class was an amazing experience. Special thank you to Zumba Instructor Tara for inviting me. Another big thank you to the ZFAM members for the love and energy they gave me. This is what it’s all about, bringing communities together through positivity.


Filmed and Edited By Jacob Metzger 

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PPL Center - Episode 6


All Access Tour of the PPL Center/ Lehigh Valley Phantoms Game. 🏒


🌟 Host Julien @julienjfg .

🎥 Film Spencer @spencersevero

💻 Editing Jacob @jmetz_media .

A Special Thank You to Vinny @vinnycuvo who lead the all access tour. 🌟

Manhattan - Episode 5


Adventures With Julien - Episode 5 - Top 3 Things to do in Manhattan. Julien takes us on an Adventure, sharing the Top Three things to do in Manhattan. Filmed and edited by : Cineburst Media  

Lehigh Valley - Episode 4


Adventures With Julien - Episode 4 - Top 3 Things to do in the Lehigh Valley. Julien takes us on an Adventure to showing the Top 3 Things to do in the Lehigh Valley. Filmed and edited by Jacob Metzger

Central Park - Episode 3


Adventures With Julien - Episode 3 - Central Park

Julien takes us on an Adventure to one of the most Iconic Parks in NY - Central Park. Filmed and edited by Cristian Mendez

Steel Stacks - Episode 2


Adventures With Julien - Episode 2 - Bethlehem Steel Stacks. Julien takes us on an Adventure to the historical Bethlehem Steel Stacks. Filmed and edited by Evan Werner

Times Square - Episode 1


Adventures With Julien - Episode 1 

Times Square Julien takes us on an Adventure to New York Times Square. Filmed and edited by Thomas Clark

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